Spaceship Pioneer

1.What is "spaceship pioneer"?

  1. The first five players who take the lead in Gather together 60 kinds of spaceships at four levels A ~ D in each era can obtain the title of "spaceship pioneer", divide 80% of TIA in the prize pool and start the next era. The time of each era is not fixed. As long as five non repeated "spaceship pioneers" are generated in this era, they can enter the next era;

  2. The smaller the collected spacecraft nftid (x), the more "pioneer orders" can be obtained. The number of pioneer orders that can be obtained by the collected spacecraft = 1 / 3x + 1; If the same type of spacecraft NFT is collected, record the maximum acquisition value of pioneer order. After entering the next era, the pioneer token of the player who won the title of "spaceship pioneer" in the previous era is cleared, and other players retain the value from the previous era to the pioneer order to the next era.

  3. The ways to get the spaceship are: 1) open the magic box; 2) Synthetic new spacecraft

  4. Source of prize pool:25% ~ 30% of the sales revenue of space magic box; 2) 30% of the service charge for spacecraft synthesis;

  5. Reward allocation: players who win the title of "spaceship pioneer" in each era divide 80% of the TIA in the prize pool according to the number of "pioneer orders" held, and the remaining 20% enter the next era;

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