Spaceship auction

Grade-S spaceship are a special existence in the spaceship world. They have unique characteristics and appearance, and the stock is only 4. If you want to have them, you can get them through auction. In addition to a higher percentage of mining capacity bonus, which can make it permanent. At the same time, the S-rank spaceship is the symbol of the Theia's world identity.


The four S-rank spaceship are named Alpha-S1, Destroyer-S2, Eternal-S3 , Enforcer-S4 and Wonderer-S5.


  1. Their capacity increased to 240%. It is twice the maximum capacity of Grade-A Spaceship.

  2. You can take the initiative to destroy the Grade-S spaceship in exchange for a large number of Eng tokens. But most people don't do that.


  1. Anyone can participate in the auction. Please follow our community notice.

  2. The "English auction" is adopted, and the higher the price, the higher the price. The initial period of the auction is 3 days, and then the countdown is counted down second by second. If there are new bidders, it will be increased by 1 hour, and the upper limit is 3 days; After the countdown, the last bidder can obtain the S-rank spaceship. The losers of competitive products can return the funds in full and get a 10% price increase reward.

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