How to Transfer from BSC to Harmony

Cross-chain transaction course

1. Currently, it is not possible to directly transfer cross-chain from the exchange to the Harmony chain, so the transfer needs to be done through the cross-chain bridge.

2. You can buy some BNB from the exchange as the transfer fee on the BNB Chain

MetaMask defaults to the Ethereum network configuration. So we will configure it to recognize the bsc network (also default Ethereum network configuration)

To manually add the Binance Smart Chain one–it doesn’t come packaged with MetaMask. It’s important to note that there are two networks we can use here: the test net or the main net. Below are the parameters to fill in for each.

Main net

NetworkName: BNB Chain


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB


3. After the network configuration is successful, you can purchase ONE and BNB on PancakeSwap. BNB will be used as the handling fee for the cross-chain bridge, and ONE will be used as the handling fee for Harmoney transfer/authorization and other operations.

To buy ONE tokens,

ONE's contract address on BSC: 0x03fF0ff224f904be3118461335064bB48Df47938

Authorize first, then click transaction to buy ONE

Or buy ONE directly on the sushi exchange under the ETH network:,

ONE's contract address on ETH: 0xD5cd84D6f044AbE314Ee7E414d37cae8773ef9D3

(Of course, the cross-chain fee is paid in ETH)

After successful purchase, you will see your purchased tokens in your MetaMask

4. Bridge the ONE from the BSC network to the Harmony network

Select the Binance network, then choose the Binance to Harmony option.

The starting currency is ONE. Then, you specify the number of ONEs to bridge to the Harmony network.

On the right, define your starting wallet (MetaMask), and finally at the bottom, indicate your arrival wallet, the same wallet you want to use. Then verify.

This process requires BNB as a handling fee, please make sure that you have enough BNB (0.01BNB) in your wallet.

After clicking confirm, your Metamask wallet will automatically jump out of the trust permission and contract interaction permission, just click the confirmation below.

After a few moments, you will be able to see your ONE in your wallet under the Harmony network.

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