Primary mine

In the Primary Mine, the TIA revenue can be obtained by inserting the spaceship NFT into the "card slot". At the same time, there are 4 spaceships (4 card slots) that can participate in mining, including 2 free card slots and 2 toll card slots. Refer to DAPP for specific costs.

1. TIA token distribution mode of "Primar mine"

Take Theia on BSC as an example, and refer to DAPP display for details:

  1. Total allocation: 3,719,885.2829, accounting for 3.72%of the total;

  2. Mine cycle: 1080 days, decaying by 10% every 90 days.

  3. Initial block production: 0.2 TIA

2.Dispatch spaceship

  1. Each card slot can send one spaceship, a total of 4 card slots, and up to 4 spaceships can be sent to participate in mining at the same time. The higher the level of spaceships dispatched, the higher the transport capacity, and the more mining revenue.

  2. The spaceship can be recalled at any time after being dispatched to the trial training mine.

3.Mining income

Mining income can be collected at any time, and 80% of it will enter the user's wallet address; 20% enter the user's "spaceship account", and this part of TIA can only be used to buy space magic box.

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